Promoting professional housing management in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
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Project description
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The goal of the PROMHOUSE project is to stimulate private sector development and economic diversification in Central Asia by empowering and strengthening private companies in the housing management sector in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
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The European Union (EU) has been actively developing political, trade and economic relations with the five Central Asian countries since the first days of their independence in 1991.
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In order to reach the goals, the project is designed with the following specific objectives in mind:

  • enhance the capacities of MSMEs and BIOs to represent their interests and encouraging them to take an active role in housing policy decision-making processes
  • improve professionalism as well as organisational and institutional capacities of BIOs to provide training and skill development activities for MSMEs (e.g. on housing management, financial management, energy efficiency (EE) in buildings et al.)
  • initiate vocational education and training (VET) for housing managers at Central Asian VET institutions
  • increase professional capacities of entrepreneurs and job seekers, in order to stimulate job creation and MSMEs development
  • support innovation through testing and disseminating new building and maintenance technologies, materials, and the involvement in local networks and clusters
  • strengthen links and networks between European and Central Asian BIOs and local authorities.

Duration of the PROMHOUSE project: 2020 - 2023:

  • Analyses of the economic potential of professional housing management in the countries
  • Recommendations for further implementation of professional housing management & qualifications of specialised staff
  • Professional standards for housing management
  • Curricula for VET education of housing managers
  • Development of a new edition of the guide to housing management and energy-efficient refurbishment
  • Study trips to Germany and Estonia.
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This section presents the developed documents within the project


The work programme of the project and its individual activities are designed to meet the demands of the target groups as much as possible: professional housing managers; BIOs; service providers; MSME enterprises and entrepreneurs; education institutions (colleges); companies from the construction sectors; national and local authorities.

During 2019, the Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO e. V.), Germany, together with the partners the Association of the organizations of professionally managing and serving housing funds from Tashkent and the Association of management entities, services and energy service in housing sector „SHANYRAK“ from Nur-Sultan, developed and submitted to the European Union (Central Asia Invest V, Boosting Small Businesses Competitiveness) a concept for a new project that would continue to implement and strengthen the achievements and results of the project completed in 2019 Pro House „Professional housing management in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan“.  The application was approved and at the beginning of 2020 the abovementioned partners started implementation of the PROMHOUSE project „Promoting professional housing management in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan“.

The project activities are aimed at introduction of vocational education and training of housing managers (work with colleges and industry organizations). The project will develop the professional potential of the BIOs, including the provision of services to their members.

Project partners
Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe, Berlin
The Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO) is an NGO bringing together private and public partners who aim at a market-oriented and ecological development of the housing and construction economy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, foster sustainable urban development in the project regions, improve living and housing conditions in the project regions. Involving relevant stakeholders and experts from various related fields, IWO pursues an integrated approach.
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EBZ: European educational centre, Bochum
The non-profit foundation EBZ – European educational centre for the housing and real estate industry – is a modern service provider for future-oriented education and sustainable personnel development.
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Association of Professional Managers Organizations
The Association operates in the Republic of Uzbekistan and is a non-profit organization. It is organized by professional management organizations and housing specialists to develop the housing services market in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
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Association “SHANYRAK”, Nur-Sultan
The Association “SHANYRAK” was founded in 2017 to help:
Improving quality and competitiveness in the housing sector
Increasing competitiveness of managing companies in the housing sector and in the sector of management of non-housing buildings
Strengthening responsibility of market participants to consumers.
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UNDP´s representation in Kazakhstan
United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is the UN's global development network. It advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life for themselves. The organization operates in 177 countries, where it works with local governments to meet development challenges and develop local capacity.
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Project activities
Activities in Uzbekistan
Events that were held in Uzbekistan as part of the Promhouse project
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Activities in Kazakhstan
Events that were held in Kazakhstan as part of the Promhouse project
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International activities
International events that were held together with the partner countries of the project
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Work packages
Project management
Analysis and recommendations
Promoting housing management standards. Raising awareness of professional residential property management, energy modernization
Building the capacity of specialized associations
Implementation of a vocational training system for residential property managers
Communication and dissemination of information about the project
Newsletter No. 3
Review 2021
- Professional Development Program Training for --- Trainers / II. Phase ToT
- Audio course "Home management of homeowners associations - German experience"
- Synergies of the PROMHOUSE project
- Project activities in Kazakhstan 2021
- Project activities in Uzbekistan 2021
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Newsletter No. 2
2020 overview:
- Professional development program Training for trainers / ToT
- Achievements for today
- Quarantine: Stay home!
- Synergies PROMHOUSE
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Newsletter No. 1
2020 plans
- PROMHOUSE Project Background
- The relevance of the topic "professionalization of housing management"
- Brief description of the project
- What we have to accomplish in the first year
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Training for Trainers (ToT)
TOT 2 phase
In February 2021, training in the 2nd phase of the "Training for Trainers" program began with a three-day webinar on the topic "Housemaster". Also, the project partners are developing an audio course for a residential property manager on the topics: accounting, professional organization of a meeting of homeowners, building structures / equipment / engineering systems, communication, digitalization. The total number of hours of training in ToT 2 phase - 136.
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TOT 3 phase
The ToT phase 3 training will begin after the completion of the phase 2 training of the "Training for Trainers" program
TOT 1 phase
In order to improve the professionalism of housing managers within the framework of the PROMHOUSE project, a training program “Training for Trainers” (ToT) was developed. The first phase of the program for seven training modules was implemented online from October 12 to December 16, 2020 and amounted to 48 hours of training. The total number of hours of the entire program is 256.
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Larisa Schreckenbach
Project manager
Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO e.V.), Berlin, Germany
Tel .: +49 30 20 67 98 02
Elena Petrovskaya
project assistant in Germany
Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO e.V.) , Berlin, Germany
Tel .: +49 30 20 67 98 02
Saken Makhambetov
project manager in Kazakhstan
Association of subjects of management, service and energy service in the housing sector "Shanyrak", Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Tel .: +7 77 6013 0366
Botagoz Bermukhambetova
project assistant in Kazakhstan
Association of subjects of management, service and energy service in the housing sector "Shanyrak",
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Tel .: +7 775 4145042
Rakhima Ortikova
project manager in Uzbekistan
Association of Professional Managers and Housing Services Organizations, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel .: +998 (90) 175 33 64
Jamshid Zakirov
project assistant in Uzbekistan
Association of Professional Managers and Housing Services Organizations, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel .: +998 (90) 9745543
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The Association of Professional Managers and Maintenance of the Housing Fund of Uzbekistan is the most decent and responsible organization with which our company has worked. The association quickly responds to all problems. We have been working with this company for quite some time. No complaints, only positive impressions. We will continue our cooperation.
Gulnora, MC "Uchtepa Faravon", Tashkent
On the whole, the Association of Professional Housing Managers and Servants is doing well with its obligations. You can always get through, they do everything on time. Respond quickly to requests and challenges. The employees are friendly and welcoming, they always competently answer all my questions. I wish you success in your work
Mohira, MC "Mokhi-Nur communal", Tashkent