Maintain and manage the Housing Fund must be quality and timely!
Promoting reforms in the housing and utilities sector. Improving the management and maintenance of the housing stock
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Association Services

  • information and consulting services;
  • assistance in the publication and dissemination of methodological recommendations, manuals and reference books;
  • description and dissemination of the best domestic and foreign experience in the management and maintenance of the housing stock and other real estate;
  • organizing and conducting training, training and retraining of employees and managers of managing and service organizations;
  • organization of trips for study and exchange of experience;
  • organization of conferences, exhibitions, presentations and other public events;
  • implementation of various projects related to the study and implementation of the best experience, new technologies, energy saving in the practice of managing, maintaining and repairing the housing stock;
  • analysis of legal, financial, technical, administrative and other problems of activity of participants in the housing services market;
  • development of proposals for the development of the regulatory and legislative framework for the housing and communal sector;
  • identification of topical issues arising in connection with the provision of services in the field of management and maintenance of the housing stock and introducing them for discussion in government bodies and other organizations, congresses, conferences, symposiums, forums;
  • creation of information databases on organizations involved in the management, maintenance and repair of the housing stock;
  • development of relations and exchange of experience between managing organizations of the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad;
  • assistance in computerization of accounting and reporting activities of managing and service organizations;
  • creation of information databases of enterprises suppliers of new technologies and building materials.

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